Here are selected referrals from past clients

Hi Erica!

First let me say congrats on your upcoming wedding! I’m sure you’re quite overwhelmed with planning (I am SO glad mine’s over!) and I’d like to ease your mind with this decision at the very least- Shakey’s the BEST! Once we made the decision to go with her, we never regretted it.

We used her for light announcing (intros and speeches as you mentioned) and she was perfectly fine. She didn’t go around trying to get everyone up and dancing and wasn’t in your face (which I hate and didn’t want)- if you do want that, then you don’t want her.

She did take all my song suggestions and played them all- I’m a singer/musician so the music for the reception was EXTREMELY important to me.

Before we met up with Shakey, we met a different DJ from (popular wedding dj service). We’d heard really good things about them and that DJ, but there was something about him I didn’t like- his attitude about how he “knows what a crowd likes”, etc, etc. I’m a wedding singer, and I can tell you EVERY wedding is different and there is no one crowd that has “go to” songs. I asked him to name some of his standard tunes, and when he listed a couple, I almost barfed. Blech. Not for us.

Shakey’s totally different- she gets a feel for who you are and what music you both like- she’s got everything and if she doesn’t have it, she gets it. I suggest giving her songs you definitely want to hear- like your entrance song/ first dance/ cutting the cake music, as that will make you more comfortable no matter what.

I didn’t hear a particular style from her because I think she understood what I wanted based on our conversations beforehand (I love old-school funk, classic 70’s and R & B and that’s what I got). Her mix of the styles I gave her was EXCELLENT. NO complaints.

Actually, I got many compliments on her afterward from guests- she had everybody dancing throughout the evening (I myself danced WAY more than I should have…I feel bad I didn’t talk to my guests more, but she was so good and I was so happy to be married!).

I hope this helps- please don’t hesitate to write back if you have any more questions- I’m more than happy to help a fellow bride.

– Julie

Hi Adam,

No problem. She was really awesome, not just at the actual wedding, but the weeks leading up to as well. She did a thorough job of coordinating the music with introducing the bridal party (with correct name pronunciation), cake cutting, tossing the bouquet, etc. She was very low maintenance leading up to the wedding, which is a relief considering all the other nonsense to deal with.

As far the reception, she had all our guest dancing the entire night … started off with a bang, then went into more classic hits for the older guests, then picked it up as the night went on … we actually retained her to keep spinning till 3:30 AM at our after party! She played all our request, and did a great job building and keeping the tempo of the party.

Volume wasn’t issue, but I think this may also have to do with the setup of the room … the place we had a high domed ceiling .. we opted for the additional speaker, but I really have no clue what difference it made.

Announcements went as we wanted .. we didn’t want the cheesy MC voice introducing us … she was a little more subtle, but this was our preference.

Overall, she was a blast and really met our expectations. We had countless compliments from our guest on how fun the night was, and Erika and I believe it works hand on hand with Julie’s work. She does a great job balancing professionalism and looseness that you’d want when spinning a party.

Good luck with everything and congrats to you and the future Mrs. Let me know if you have any other questions.

– Ahmad

DJ Shakey did a great job at our wedding reception. We had a mixed crowd, half American, half Mexican, with a good dollop of indie music kids, and wanted someone who could please all ears. She seemed to really understand our guests, and several people have commented on what great music she chose. The real winner was “Hang On, Sloopy,” in Spanish. What fun to see all of our guests dancing and singing along with whichever lyrics they’d grown up with! She was a total professional but also patient with us amid all the planning madness. We recommend her highly.

– Kate

DJ Shakey was amazing. When we were in the planning stages, I was concerned that a DJ would be ‘typical’, and people would dance minimally. I thought a live band was the only way to create excitement in the room.

We went with DJ Shakey, and I was very happy. She is a master at her craft. People got up to dance for one song, and they never left the dance floor. My photographer was going to leave at a pre-arranged time, and decided to stay because there was so much fun happening on the dance floor that she wanted to capture.

I don’t know how she fit in our favorite songs, but she did. We did not want an out of control DJ on a microphone. She announced the items that we needed, and held her audience captive with the amazing music she played. She appealed to all age groups, from my mother to my teenage nieces who kept raving about how cool the music was.

The caterer asked for DJ Shakey’s information because he was so impressed with her mixes.

– Maria

Thank You’s from past clients:

Julie, I just wanted to thank you for the great music and atmosphere you provided for our wedding. You rocked it, everyone had a great time and commented on how great the music was. Thank you again for making our night very special!

-Mark and Abbey

Julie, I can’t thank you enough for such a great night. Everyone was so pleased. Please send me the invoice for the extra time. Thanks again and we hope to see you soon!

Xo – Greta

Julie, You were such a sensational hit at our wedding. You were amazing! The music was perfect…and I think these pics of the dance party say it all (towards the end of the slideshow) THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!!!

– Stella and Joe

Julie, Thank you so much for being so amazing at our wedding! You were really perfect day of and so easy to work with throughout the whole process. We wanted a great party and that’s exactly what you gave us. I would recommend you in a heartbeat! I hope you had fun with us!

-Thanks again,
Jennifer and Christopher

Hi Julie! I’d like to THANK YOU so much for making Marie and Josh’s wedding… unforgettable! I love your choice and sequence of music! And your introductions… and transitions… were smooth and fluid! I saw a lot of people dance (even myself!) and that’s a good sign! I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate it!

-Thanks again!
Mila and Art

Julie, thanks for being the most organized DJ ever…



Thanks so much for keeping the music so lively and for working with us on saturday. you were complimented many, many times for your skills. It was a crazy, crazy night!



Pete and I are off to mexico for a while, but i wanted to make sure that you knew how happy we were with the music last night. pete said that you played everything he would have wanted to hear if he were doing it himself. (trust me, this means alot coming from him.) I could tell that our guests were totally into it as well and everyone commented on how great the music was. It was exactly the vibe we were hoping for. we will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Thanks again so, so much,
-Jess and Pete

Hey Julie, Nice to finally meet you in the real world up at Ted and Carly’s wedding. Everyone had a blast and many people commented on how great the deejay was. Definitely a feather in your cap that you can rock a party AND rock a party of older Jewish folks 😉 See you around.


Hi Julie,

Laura and I just got back from our honeymoon late last night. We spent a lot of our time on the trip talking about what a fun time we had at the wedding, and we just wanted to thank you again for what a great job you did. It was really impressive how you managed to play so many of our requests — some of which I know were sort of curveballs — and yet still keep things flowing. I think people had a great time, and a lot of them were really raving about the music. Thanks also for all of your effort in the last day or two before the reception, pulling together our request list and the last few details, when you must have been very tired from your trip. It all came together really well — I saw several people dancing that night who I’ve never seen dance before.

Know you keep busy with different gigs and things, but if you ever need references who can attest to your skills as a wedding DJ, please keep us in mind.

Thanks again,

Quotes from Indiebride.com chatboards:

“…We went to a wedding last year with DJ Shakey and thought she was great — all good, fun music that everyone was excited about, absolutely nothing cheesy..”

“…She kept our guests dancing all night long and read the crowd really well. As requested she stuck pretty closely to the songs we asked for–we were hands-on with choosing the music and sent her several MP3s–but the flow of music was just right and she supplemented our selections expertly. If it weren’t for the bars on Stone St. right around the corner, I’m sure people would have never left….”

“…She DJ-ed a wedding we went to a couple years ago and was just exactly what we wanted — great music (by our taste, which runs toward indie rock and old soul), but she keep everyone dancing with the music, and no cheesy antics…”